Motherlode Bucket Special

You want a bigger chunk of Alaska and some serious gold recovery? Then check out my MOTHERLODE BUCKET SPECIAL! This is the claim that made me famous! I have been selling concentrates from this claim since 1998. It's my "Old Faithful". The Motherlode does not disappoint! This is the best bang for the buck! What we're talking about is 51 pounds of the very best dirt you have ever seen! And yes, the most beautiful gold in Alaska! This is the same dirt that goes in my Motherlode bags, so you know it's good. A load of ore like that should keep you busy for quite some time! If you are serious about your prospecting, if you just can't get enough of that gold, then the Bucket Special is the way to go!

*Amount of gold recovered is not guaranteed and photos do not depict an exact amount. This is REAL PAYDIRT, every bucket is its own adventure.

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