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The Bonanza Gold Claim Paydirt

Bonanza Gold Claim Paydirt comes from Felix Paydirt’s rich Bonanza claim in Fairbanks, Alaska. In 2008 Felix uncovered an exceptionally rich gold vein. Testing was performed, operations were set up and the Bonanza Claim was born. It has become the preferred gold claim among seasoned prospectors. See for yourself what big nuggets and pickers await you in each bag, case, or bucket of Bonanza Gold Claim Paydirt. Every time you purchase our Bonanza Claim paydirt for sale, you’ll experience Alaska’s rich history of discovery and prospecting adventure. Felix Paydirt Bonanza Claim bags, cases, and buckets are the #1 choice of seasoned prospectors. Learn more about the history behind the rich Bonanza Claim and see what exciting offers and deals you can find at Felix Paydirt’s Gourmet Gold when you visit our website today.
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