What is The Jackpot?

Jackpot 2022

 Jackpot 2022 has closed, stay tuned for 2023! What is Felix's world famous Jackpot event? Simply put, The Jackpot is the BIGGEST GOLD NUGGET GIVEAWAY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Every once in a while, Felix acquires some exceptionally rich concentrate and makes it available once a year. Quantities of this material are always very limited, and it sells out very quickly. But here's the best part - Felix got this wild notion to toss some 1-OUNCE, 1/2-OUNCE, AND 1/4-OUNCE GOLD NUGGETS into random bags. And occasionally, Felix gives away UP TO 3-OUNCE NUGGETS! Well, as you can imagine, this stirs up some real excitement, and prospectors from all over the country clamber to find these big fat nuggets! The Jackpot has become a major annual event around here. It is usually held between October and November each year.

Felix Paydirt Jackpot
3 Jackpot Bag Sizes!

2-Pound Bag = $285 +S&H

4-Pound Bag = $570 +S&H

10-Pound Bag = $1,425 +S&H

Important: This is an EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY, and you have to qualify to take part in it. There's only one way - you must be an active Felix customer. (Meaning you need to have bought some of Felix's paydirt sometime within the current year.) Once you purchase, you are added to the invitation list. When The Jackpot comes available, we send out special invitations to all our active customers. When you get your invitation, act quickly. This stuff sells out very fast!

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