UPDATE: Alaskan Volcanoes Remain Active

As a continued update on the active volcanoes in Alaska, here is a quick review.

Three volcanoes remain in the Orange Alert level status as of this writing. As a reminder Orange Alert for volcanoes as defined by the Alaska Volcano Observatory are: "Volcano is exhibiting heightened or escalating unrest with increased potential of eruption, timeframe uncertain, OR eruption is underway with no or minor volcanic-ash emissions [ash-plume height specified, if possible]."

Pavlof, Semisopochnoi, and Great Sitkin (the original three in orange alert level) are still being watched closely by the Alaska Volcano Observatory. Throughout the month, seismic activity, ash, and elevated surface temperature continue to be reported in the volcanoes. Cleveland Volcano, also in the Aleutians, was upgraded to Yellow Alert Status, meaning it is also being monitored but with less of a concern. Its last eruption was in 2020. 

This region has been known for its heavy volcanic activity for some time. The earliest records dating back to 1760, documented over 240 eruptions in this volcanic chain to date.