UFO Seen in Alaska

In the early morning hours of March 29th in the sky above Fairbanks, people saw an object they couldn't identify.

It was described as a glowing orb of light moving slowly across the horizon and some even said they saw movement inside the orb and a tail following after it. Several people caught pictures of this phenomenon. It was described as bigger than the full moon and took several minutes to move across the sky. 

Scientists think they have an explanation! Jonathan McDowell who is an astronomer in Boston Massachusetts at the Harvard Smithsonian Center, has a very plausible theory.

A Chinese rocket was launched on March 29 and its orbital path took it over the Yukon at 350 miles above the earth's surface. The leftover rocket fuel froze in space and reflected the sunlight causing it to appear to glow. McDowell also offered an explanation as to why people saw movement and a tail in the orb. He says that in order for a rocket to maintain its orbit while dumping its excess fuel it is purposely put into a tumbling spin. 

This U.F.O. just became an F.O. as the "U" is now explained by science!

Photo: Courtesy of Leslie Smallwood-Fairbanks Photographer