Two for the Price of Two!

When prospecting for gold in far away places, most people think of beautiful Australia. There's nothing really unusual about gold diggers finding gold in the gold fields of Australia. What makes this story interesting though, is that two giant nuggets were found near each other on the very same day. That is noteworthy and certainly very rare!

The lucky prospectors were Brent Shannon and Ethan West. They were digging and using metal detectors near Tarnagula (a goldmining town) in Victoria state. They were also assisted by West's father. The two nuggets were discovered about four hours apart from each other. 

Their news was broadcast on the TV show Aussie Gold Hunters. The two nuggets weighed about 7.7 pounds together and were estimated to be worth about $250,000 US dollars. That is two nuggets for the price of two!

 Picture Credit: Discovery Channel