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Skagway's Commuter Bus for Canines

For all those TikTok users out there, the small town of Skagway Alaska got some recognition at the beginning of the new year. A subscriber called @Mo_Mountain_Mutts has started a sensation with their bus service for dogs.

The video shows the various town dogs boarding the bus as the dog walker and her husband pick up their passengers for the day. Their cute narration introduces all the dogs as they load onto the bus in a fairly orderly doggy fashion. 

Mo and Lee Thompson now drive this Doggy Bus Service as their full-time job. They walk the dogs and train them for their small community. Through TikTok, the world now has a glimpse into their lives as they go about their day in the tiny town of Skagway. They may not be gold miner's but they certainly know how to transport gold--Golden Retriever's that is. Watch the video below!

Doggy Bus Service

Photo: Mo Thompson