Root Glacier

Wrangell St. Elias National Park is the largest park in Alaska and contains a gem of hike called the Root Glacier Trail. The trail is accessible by traveling first to McCarthy. Only local residents are allowed to drive straight into the town. Everyone else must park at the bridge and ride a shuttle or walk into town the last mile.

The Root Glacier Trail starts where main street ends in Kennecott. It is a four mile trail where one can see mountains and glaciers along the way. Bears also frequent the trail in the spring and summer. It can be hazardous due to melting ice and swift waters along the edge of the trail so hikers are advised to bring crampons (spiked shoes). 

Few people make it to this hike, but it is more accessible than some hikes in the state as it does not need to be accessed by helicopter as some glaciers do. The drive is quite far from Anchorage but certainly worth the spectacular views.