MSHA Investigates Fatality in an Alaskan Mine

Red Dog Mine, outside of Kotzebue, Alaska reported a fatality, 47-year old Dustin Thomas, a drill operator on January 16, 2021. This zinc and lead mine has been operating since 1989. You can read more about the mine itself in an upcoming Mine Mugshot. 

The MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) will look into the fatality. It is their job to investigate after an incident like this. MSHA for mining operations can be likened to the more familiar OSHA in the working world of the United States. This government agency operates under the Department of Labor. 

MSHA released a preliminary report on their website but they will release an official final report later. You can read that report here.

MSHA was established in 1978 to help protect the safety of miners. Mining has less fatalities than the construction industry but generally a higher fatality rate of accidents that do occur.