Moose Hunting Season in Alaska!

September is moose hunting season in Alaska. This long standing tradition sends thousands of Alaskans into the wilds of Alaska in early fall to get meat for the family dinner table. Moose meat is a slightly gamey, red, very lean meat that many Alaskans grew eating. 

The moose tags and hunting laws can be complicated in Alaska. There are general season tags, tier 2 hunts, draw hunts, and community harvest hunts. On average Alaskans harvest 7,000 of the estimated 175,000 moose each year. 

The average moose yields from 400 to 700 pounds of meat. The antlers weigh up to 65 pounds. This makes hunting in the deep woods difficult because if a hunter gets a moose too far away from their camp or vehicle they have to have to pack the meat back. 

Alaska's department of fish and game has tips for new hunters and all the rules and regulations for a safe hunt. You can find more information here