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Moose Falls Into Basement

On the Kenai Peninsula in Soldotna Alaska, in late November, a one-year-old bull moose found his way into the basement of a home with no way out. He was eating shrubbery near the window well of a basement when he fell right through the basement window and was trapped inside the house. 

Local authorities were on it immediately with a plan to get him safely out. They sedated the young moose. Then six firefighters carried him through the house in a sling designed for oversized patients. 

They successfully transported the semi-conscious moose up the stairs and out the door. They quickly treated the cuts and scrapes the moose received from the fall and then administered an anti-sedative. The moose initially tried to to run back to the basement window but then turned and ran for the safety of the tree line. 

Photo: Soldotna Professional Firefighters