Mining in Nome Creek Alaska

Nome Creek can be accessed via the US Creek Road at milepost 57 on the Steese Highway, north of Fairbanks, Alaska. It is approximately five miles from the Steese Highway near the Nome Creek mining area. 

Gold mining in Nome Creek began in 1900. A man named Gulbrandsen located about 20 acres of placer mining grounds within the area. In the beginning, the miners employed drift mining. There was steady but slow growth, and eventually miners introduced other forms of mining. Nome Creek produced less gold than what was initially expected. Miners who realized this eventually left for other places. The mine further declined when, at the outbreak of World War two, laborers were lured by high paying jobs elsewhere. 

Today, recreational miners visit Nome Creek in hopes of striking it big. There is a four mile stretch of the Steese Highway that offers panning to the general public. Miners are allowed to use gold pans, shovels, sluice boxes, and rocker boxes.