Sorry prospectors, Bedrock Bonanza is SOLD OUT!

Mine Mugshot: Reed Gold Mine

Where: Midland, North Carolina, United States

Mine Type: Gold, surface and underground operations

Operations: Gold was first found in 1799, mining operations began in 1803 and ended in 1899; you can still pan for gold recreationally at present

Owner: It is now a National Historical Landmark, North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources now operates a visitor center, gift shop, underground guided tours and gold panning

Output: Unknown; however between 1803 and 1835, 14 gold nuggets were found totaling 115 pounds. Also during its peak of production it was said to have produced over one million dollars a year in gold. 

Notable Facts: It is the site of the first documented golf find in the United States. A reported 17 pound gold nugget was found by the owner of the property's son. The owner, John Reed, apparently didn't know what he had and is believed to have used the nugget for a doorstop for 3 years before selling it to a local jeweler for $3.50.