Lake Clark, AK

Alaska has more than three million bodies of water. In fact, it has more lakes than any other state in the U.S. It even beats out Minnesota, the "Land of 10,000 Lakes."

Lake Clark in Alaska is famous for being Alaska's deepest lake. It is so deep in fact, that it is often called Alaska's bottomless lake. The lake is measured at 1,054 feet deep. If you are having trouble imagining how deep that really is, if you were to transplant the Eiffel Tower in its deepest point, the top of it would just barely stick out of the water. 

Lake Clark is not only deep but it boasts a special beauty as its waters are often a brilliant teal from the glacial water that feeds this lake from Tlikakila River. Lake Clark is only accessible by airplane and as such is only visited by about 4,000 people a year. It is just west of Homer, Alaska but best accessed by plane chartered from Anchorage. 

Most Alaskans have not even been to this remote and beautiful lake, so count yourself lucky if you ever get to visit this beautiful body of water in remote Alaska.