It's Berry Time!

This time of year in Alaska, summer is in full swing and the berries are ripening! 

For the next several weeks, Alaskans all over the state will be picking berries that grow wild all over the place. There are around 50 varieties of berries that grow wild. Some of the more popular ones are: blueberries, high bush cranberries, salmonberries, crowberries and bearberries. 

There are several varieties of poisonous berries in Alaska though, so if you are planning on picking some while here, make sure you have identified the correct plants. The bears like their berries too, so if you are out in the woods make sure you keep a watch out and make plenty of noise to announce your presence to ward off any bears that may be in the area. 

One of the more popular berries is the famous Alaskan blueberry. It is not the same as the traditional blueberries you might find in the supermarket. They are a little smaller and a bit sweeter than the typical blueberry. Blueberry season starts in the late summer from August and lasts to about mid-September.

Happy berry picking!