How to Sell Your Gold

The time may come when we find it necessary to trade our gold for cash. If that is the case, do a little research and consider all your options. Since placer gold represents only 1-2% of all the gold in the world, it is much rarer than refined gold, therefore more valuable. This is especially true of nuggets.

So find a buyer who appreciates the true value of the gold. Refiners, scrap gold dealers, and anybody with a big “We Buy Gold” bannersteer clear. They will try to convince you that your gold is worth less than spot value. This is because they will melt it down and take away its rarity. 

Did you know that some of the biggest nuggets ever found have been melted down? Gone forever! What a shame! However, if you have a large quantity and need to sell it fast, the refiner may be your only option. Just be prepared to take a hit on the price.

Some jewelers will pay a decent rate. But you will want to find a jeweler who works with raw gold. If they don’t, again they will try to buy it at a discount since they will just melt it down. 

Some sell their gold in small quantities on ebay and do quite well. Some go to swap meets or gold shows, places where people have a true appreciation for placer gold. At such venues, nice nuggets can command a very high price!

For real prospectors, Alaskan gold is like a rare old car. Common folks may look at it and they just see an old car. A true connoisseur looks at the same car and sees a priceless treasure! If you own gold, you own a treasure. If someone wants to take it off your hands, make sure you get a good value.