Grizzly Attacks Alaskan Gold Prospector

Richard Jessee was on his way to his remote gold mining cabin in July, when he was attacked by a grizzly bear seemingly out of nowhere. He was riding his ATV when the bear knocked him off the all-terrain vehicle. As he was scrambling for his gun, his cellphone was lost in the water after the skirmish and so he had no way to call for help. 

He managed to get to the safety of his cabin. The bear however did not give up and continued to harry him for several days, attacking the walls, windows, and doors. The bear returned several times during the four days he was barricaded in his cabin. 

Finally, a Coast Guard helicopter just happened to be flying overhead when the copilot noticed Jessee waving both hands frantically over his head, a sure sign of needing help. They circled around for another pass and noticed his SOS sign atop his roof. The Coast Guard was able to safely transport him to Nome for medical care. 

Jessee didn't sustain any major injuries and is very lucky to be alive. His friends had reported him overdue the very day that the Coast Guard just happened to be flying over his cabin. It was not their normal route but they had changed course to avoid bad weather. 

Photo: United States Coast Guard