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Gold Hits a Record High

As history shows when the economy reveals an uncertain future, many turn to the tangible security of gold. 

We have certainly been experiencing uncertain economic times with the ongoing global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. The positive behind it though, is that gold has hit an all time high. 

Gold prices have risen almost 30% this year. As shown in the recent past, when the dollar and interest rates go down, gold goes up. The highest record for gold as of this writing was $1,981.10 in early trading on July 31st, 2020. It closed the market at $1,957.08.

The last time that gold has gone above $1,900/oz. was back in August of 2011. 

If you have a hand in the stock market or you simply like to know what your stockpile of gold is worth, keep a close eye on gold this year, as it will be an interesting year for gold. 

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