Sorry prospectors, Bedrock Bonanza is SOLD OUT!

Double Case Winner

Most people say they aren't lucky enough to win anything. Well Felix is out to prove them wrong and Jay Fedorenko is one such prospector. He's been panning Felix's paydirt for over 3 years and lives in North Dakota. He recently participated in Felix's Double Case Giveaway during which Felix gave away $3,000 in paydirt! Much to his surprise, Jay was the lucky prospector who scored the Motherlode Case. Here's what his daughter wrote in for him:

"Dear Felix, my name is Ashley and I’m sending this email for my dad, Jay Fedorenko. He has been buying bags of dirt from you for many years and he was recently chosen as a winner for the double case giveaway. He just wanted to say thank you very much for the double case giveaway! Here are a couple pictures with all the gold he found."

Needless to say, Felix isn't finished giving stuff away. Stay tuned for the Biggest Gold Nugget Giveaway in the world - Jackpot 2019! 

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