Denali's 2021 Climbing Season

Summitting Denali is something few people can say they have attempted, much less completed. Only about 60% of people actually reach the summit. Denali's climbing season is generally from May to June. Climbing season was closed during the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic but has opened back up this year. 

The mountain is dangerous and vast and has claimed two lives this season already. In one incident, two climbers had a chunk of ice break away from Ruth Glacier. One man survived while his 32-year old climbing partner, from Rigby Idaho, did not. In the other incident, two skier mountaineers were skiing just under 8,000 feet near Eldridge Glacier when one skier fell 100 feet into a crevasse and died. 

One Canadian man barely escaped with his life in the most recent accident that occurred on May 24th, 2021. The man was crossing the famous Denali Pass on the mountain itself, when he fell almost 1,000 feet. Denali is certainly an amazing mountain but can also be very deadly. We hope all climbers and adventurers stay safe out there for the rest of the season!