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Cruise Ship Hits Iceberg in Alaska

Last month we wrote a blog about a person falling overboard near Juneau Alaska on a cruise ship. In late June a cruise ship made headlines again in Alaska as the Norwegian Sun cruise ship struck an iceberg near Hubbard Glacier North of Juneau. 

Passengers aboard the cruise ship felt the impact as a severe judder and then the ship listed slightly. The piece of ice called a "growler" was about the size of a small car. The ship skipped its next scheduled stop in Skagway and went directly to Juneau to assess the damage. The ship was inspected and cleared to return to Seattle for repairs. 

One passenger, Las Vegas resident Benjamin Talbott, managed to get a recording of the incident on his phone. You can watch the video here

Photo: Jennifer Pemberton/KTOO-the nearly empty ship as it docked in Juneau