Crisis on Alaskan Cruise

If you live in Southeast Alaska, having cruise ships at your port is a common sight in the summer. In fact, most small Alaskan port towns thrive on the business of the incoming ships for the healthy economy they bring. For one woman aboard the Celebrity Solstice, it was deadly. 

In the early morning hours of May 17 the ship came to sudden stop when the captain reported a woman falling overboard. The Coast Guard immediately began a search for the woman in the freezing ocean waters near Juneau. A little over six hours and a human would not survive in those conditions. The Coast Guard searched for 9 hours before they called off the search. 

It had been about three years since someone had went overboard on an Alaskan Cruise. The woman was later identified as Texas resident, Selena Pau Pres. The cruise line has yet to reveal what was seen on the security footage or an official statement of the incident. 

Be safe out there as you visit Alaska whether it be from a cruise ship or otherwise!