Every spring in Alaska comes with the wonderful muddy, soupy, soppy time that we Alaskan's affectionately call Breakup. That means all the ice and snow that has accumulated over our long winter is rapidly melting, or "breaking up" and disappearing. 

Sometimes we are so used to having all that white stuff around that we think its never going to go away. Every spring it starts its journey as soon as it starts getting above freezing during the day. That intense Alaskan sun is already out for long hours this time of year and the snow melts incredibly fast. 

This year I decided to chronicle how fast the snow melts. We had quite a lot of snow  this year and so I asked a buddy of mine to take a picture of his backyard every day for 6 days to catalog the progress of the snow melt. So the pictures that you see above is his backyard every night at 9:30 pm for 6 nights in a row. What an amazing transformation! 

Day 1 
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

So folks, what does that mean? Spring is here and we can start panning for Gold in Alaska!