Another Bear Attack in Alaska

This report comes from Palmer, Alaska, a town about 40 miles north of Anchorage. In mid-September, a man in his 40's was hunting with his 9-year old relative when they came upon a brown bear with a cub. This is the most dangerous situation that could occur with a brown bear. Not only did the sow have a cub to protect but its possible she was surprised by the encounter and attacked out of fear. 

The man shot and killed the bear, saving the child. The boy had head lacerations and possibly other injuries and was in serious condition but is recovering. The man man also sustained minor injuries during the attack. The cub, believed to be older fled and has not been found.

At first authorities thought this was the same bear that had been attacking local chicken coops and farms on the nearby Matanuska river. After a necropsy was done on the attacking bear, it is now believed that this was not the same bear.