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Alaska's Public Use Cabins

Alaska's public use cabins are a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the state. Several agencies manage the cabins but there are over 80 to choose from when reserving them on the Department of Natural Resources state of Alaska website. 

Some cabins are accessible by road, others are hike in or ski in. There are even a few that are so remote they are only reachable by float plane. Most cabins can be rented all year round. The cabins vary in size and shape and can sleep anywhere from 3 to 8 persons. They are equipped with wooden sleeping platforms, a table and seating. 

The cabins are heated by woodstove and some are equipped with an oil or gas stove and the cabin users must supply the fuel. Some cabins are free to rent but most are between $30 and $100 a night to use.

Next time you visit Alaska, whether in summer or in winter, this is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Photo: -Byers Lake Cabin