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Alaska's Beautiful Fireweed

Fireweed is one of Alaska's most prolific wildflowers. It starts growing around mid-June and stays in bloom throughout the summer. Then as the flower starts to die in late summer, the star-like green leaves begin to turn red. 

Some think that the fire-red leaves are what gives Fireweed its name. Actually, its likely that Fireweed got its name because its one of the first plants to return after a fire has swept through an area. 

The scientific name for Fireweed is called Epilobium angustifolium. It is also called willow herb, great willow herb, and wickup. It is a member of the evening primrose family. It can be a whitish color to a bright pink/purple color. 

One of the great thing Alaskan's love about Fireweed is that it is also edible. A popular favorite is fireweed jelly that is made from the flowers. It can also be made into tea. 

Fireweed is a beautiful wildflower that is found all over Alaska. Check out this gem on your next visit!