A Hot Getaway in Alaska's Cold Interior

Fairbanks may be averaging temperatures in the negatives right now but we are not complaining. This part of Alaska doesn't leave you out in the cold. Nature has its way of thawing you out up here. Discovered by gold miners in 1905, Chena Hot Springs is a 40 square mile geothermal spring with water temperatures of up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Naturally the hot springs became a huge hit with the locals. Its beauty and healing mineral waters attracted many visitors as well. After some time a resort was established. Later an organic garden and ice museum were added.

Speaking of the Ice Museum, it is a very impressive feat. It is the world's "only year-round ice environment". What a stunning display of ingenuity! The architect is 17 time World Ice Art Champion Steve Brice. He collaborated with his wife Heather Brice who herself is a 9 time World Ice Art Champion.

The museum boasts an art gallery with brilliant sculptures of life-sized jousting knights, a gigantic game of chess and even an ice bar with chandeliers. Don't forget to stop by the ice bar and order an apple martini served in your very own hand carved ice martini glass. Now that's a cold one!