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Jim Leischow Laurie Frey Mike Crawford
Paul Carman Richard Bliss William Betz


My reward is seeing the smile on her face, listening to her brag to anybody who will listen and getting baked cookies for life.

Her loving Son-in-Law,

Adam H.


I love your bags of gold. I have purchased the motherlode and bonanza bags...both are great! I can be pretty busy at times, even though I’m retired...so I pan whenever I get a chance, sometimes where ever and when ever, as you can see. Thanks again, I have LODES of fun going through your GENUINE ALASKAN GOLD CONCENTRATES!

Bob M.


Been prospecting for 55 years, this is the best pan ever! Plus the jackpot nugget.

Bruce B.

 Berry C.

I found this 0.51oz beautiful nugget in my Felix Paydirt during "Jackpot 2011" 1-year AFTER returning from prospecting the Golden Triangle in Victoria Region of Australia 2012! There were 4 of us and this nugget represents more weight than found in one month by all combined!! I set my Felix Paydirt aside for a whole year and boy what a surprise!! Thanks Felix for...something I will cherish forever now mounted as a pendant.

Franz O.

"Cheryl, I'm delighted to report that the nice nugget I have been waiting for from Felix just arrived. Now I can fill your tooth."

Dr. Jerry G.

When I opened the bag of Felix Paydirt, I lifted it out the sand and all I could say was 'Yee-ha!!' and do my happy dance. 


Jeff Hale

Guy H.

Feels good after only getting fine gold.

Pat O.

The ladies around here say I still have a sparkle in my eye.

I think it is gold fever and all I see is gold....

Karl R.

~Blairsville, Ga.

I love your pay dirt. I've been a quadriplegic for a long time. I'm not able to get out out and prospect much and that's where you come in. I tried some of your pay dirt a few years ago and found panning it was not only good exercise, it's loaded with good gold too. I've won two beautiful nuggets in the Jackpot round. Staying in shape has never been more fun.

Thanks for the fantastic gold!

Kelly J.

~Redmond, OR

Recently I bought a Jackpot bag and received one of the larger gold nuggets. I have been a customer for years and wondered when I would be so lucky to get such a big nugget! I have gotten good gold in every bag I've purchased.

Thanks Felix!!

Marion M.
Sidney, OH

The reason I like Felix pay dirt bags is because I really have tried many many other pay dirts, nothing can compare to what you have to offer. If you really want to try the very best I truly recommend Felix Pay Dirt Gourmet Gold.

Once you've tried Felix pay dirt you won't want to buy from anyone else, because Felix never disappoints. I will continue buying from Felix for a long long time.

Mark K.


My wife has been getting me Felix Paydirt concentrates for the past several years. Here is a picture of what all I’ve gotten over the years. You’ll never know how many small a nuggets you’ll find. Over the years they add up.

Mark S.

Wow, fantastic. It's like getting a box of chocolates..."never know what you are going to get". I love the surprise and anticipation. Enjoy doing the classification in the comfort of my own home.

Mike C.

I got the surprise of my life when I opened the Jackpot bag! I won the Big Papa! WooHooo! It's gorgeous! Thanks so much! I LOVE Felix Paydirt! You're the BEST!

Patti Y.

It is the best stuff ever, you will not be disappointed! You can never get enough, Felix is the BEST! Photo is of my best panning partner, my grandson.

Penny S. ~Aynor, SC

I just open the bag, hook up my recycling water sluice box and low and behold, I have gold in my pan. I've found quite a few nuggets since I've been ordering. Also flakes, small pieces and plenty of fine gold. I've never been skunked. I always get something. And being older it sure brings joy to my heart. So thanks Felix, "for having the best damn gold concentrates."

Richard F.

We hit the JACKPOT! ! Thanks to Vanessa, Tina & FELIX! !! We got nuggets! Here's some picture's for you guys! From Prospector Bob in No CALI !!! Having a blessed golden day! Thx again! !! Talk to you soon!

Robert S.


I like Felix's gold paydirt because there's nice gold you can pick up with your fingers. It's good to practice your panning skills with and the gold is big enough to pick up with a metal detector. Felix's gold gives me a strong desire to go to Alaska and prospect for some good gold!

Rodney T.

~Thermopolis, WY

My gold stash to go with my moustache!

Steve R.

Great nuggets and lots of fines. Fantastic panning, fun for days. The smiley face in my pan cannot match the one on my face when I get that red bag by my door in just 3 days. Keep that great glittery dirt coming, it's the best dirt on earth.

P.S. The big nugget was a fantastic Jackpot find, 17 grams.

Your friend forever,
Steve C.

Felix back in July I bought some bonanza bags and am I glad I did! Lots of chunky flakes pickers and nuggets- including a nice 4 gram-er. It's been the apple of my eye but I couldn't stop thinking about what I might find in a jackpot bag, so I bought a couple and yahoooo...gold has the power to change people!

William G.

Love those nuggets in Felix Gold Concentrates. I’m Happy Happy Happy with these nuggets from Felix Gold Concentrates. Look at these smiling faces from Felix Gold Concentrates.

Wesley C.

"When even on a cloudy day Felix's Gourmet Gold can bring a smile to my face"

I have panned gold from North Carolina, but Felix's Paydirt has always come through for me and even his bags when empty bring a smile to my face and friends too.


Felix can't help but smile when he receives fan mail. He knows he's got the best dirt available and would like to humbly share some comments from a few of his happy customers.

  "Howdy Felix . . . just got our first bonanza poke panned and as you can see in the picture I had a big smile when that huge nugget showed up in the pan. Had to yell into the wife to drop everything and to get out here . . . WOW. Along with the pickers, flakes and fly poop it made our day. The big nugget weighed 1.17 grams. (see photo) Thanks for making it a great day and yes we will be making a second order." ~ Bill & Judy Gelhaus Sioux Falls, SD
"Received my first Motherlode bag, and must say I'm very happy, one nice nugget and many pickers and fine. I have bought online from other dealers in the past, and your product far outshines competitors. You get what you pay for, and your product is well worth it, and I will be back. Very tempted now, but the IRS comes first!" ~ Ralph in San Diego
"Dear Felix What you say is so very true . . your dirt is the best,, I have been stung in other places that I have tried but not this time ,, so now I am hooked,, the next order will be the BONANZA, but I cant hardly wait to get the next order , I am really looking forwards to finding my first nugget , now that will be the BIG THRILL OF MY LIFE,, so thanks Felix for putting fun back in my life." ~ ole BEN GURULE "Felix- Let me start by saying that this was a first for me, ordering dirt online. I would have never thought that it would have brought so much excitement and joy out of a grown man. I ordered your Motherlode bag for my boyfriend for Valentine's day and we received the order yesterday. Wow, we were jumping around our living room, giving each other high fives and kisses, what a special moment. So this is my Thank You. Thank you for letting us have a piece of prospecting heaven, you are the real deal and so are your bags of dirt. This will be a Valentine's day that will never be forgotten. Thank you again, and we can't wait to get our next bag from you, maybe this time we will upgrade to the Bonanza." ~ Melea Medrano & Nathan Kelsch
"Well got sidetracked but I just kept finding more and more. Your bonanza is buy far the best I've seen. I've been able to work a couple "Glory Holes" that don't match this, ordering two more today. I told u of nugget in first bag. I had to jiggle it around to get in glass vial it was too big." ~ Andy in Fla "At our monthly meeting of the Piedmont NC GPAA Chapter on January 11, 2003 one of our members brought in his 10 bag gold results and it blew all of the members minds away. By far the best value around." ~ Larry Paschal, North Carolina
"Dear Felix, just wanted to send an e-mail letting you know how awesome your bonanaza paydirt is! All I can say is wow, nothing but chunks of beautiful gold! These concentrates are going to be hard to top!!! Keep up the good work!! Thank You!!!" ~ Mike.
"Thanks Felix. Cannot wait for more gold to arrive, ha ha ha.....Told you I have the fever and it is all your fault. Glad I finally found a place to order the good stuff. The other places I have tried were not any where near as good as your paydirt. Thanks again and I plan on doing business with you for a long long time." ~ Madeline
"Felix, The Bonanza that you sent has been so rich that it should be delivered by armed guards!! I will send pictures soon. Best regards." ~ Sunny South Texas, Joe Pfeiffer "Hi Felix, Remember when the US first bombed Iraq? They called it "Shock and Awe". I got half way through the bonanza bag and that was MY reaction. Shock and Awe. I found the most beautiful nugget. Thanks for the bonanza bag, That ONE NUGGET was my Jackpot!" ~ John Riddle
"Felix; wow am I happy, thanks for your help in getting my order to process! OH! Felix should have wrote you before,your dirt got the wife and I through the loss of three parents ,a heart attack, and a bout with cancer. what medicine can match the therapy of find'n gold in your pan?" ~ Thanks again, Randy
"I have just recently made my first (but not last ) purchase from you. What I found in the 3 - 2 lbs. bags of motherlode dirt you sent amazed me. I found more pickers and small nuggets in those bags than I found all last summer while prospecting (with a 2.5" dredge ) in Virginia and North Carolina." ~ Larry Tueller, Virginia (See Photo)
"Hello Felix, We are two year customers, We didn't find the Big one-ounce nugget with our last case, But we found so much more!! I'll keep this short, me and my husband have 13 years between us, and thought there was nothing else more for us to find in common, until we heard of you. Ever scince the first case, We've found the gold fever,and each other. When We saw our first nuggets, that was it. Like i said, we've found alot of gold, but WE found so much more because of you. We found each other again. And in my book,, thats better then winning the jackpot! We've been married 21 years,, Our hat's of to you Felix, We must say, You did all you said you would in your ads, and so much more!!! THANKS FOR THAT SO MUCH MORE !!!!!" ~ Bob and Terrie Hudson in Ogden Utah. "Felix, Thank you so much for following up on my problem of not receiving your newsletter. You not only have the best paydirt, you also are a fine person who cares about providing excellent service to his customers. That kind of service is not seen very often nowadays. I will let all my gold prospector friends know about your great service & super paydirt!!" Thank you again ~ Herb Dore
"My son Matt ordered our first two bags, and we hit the motherlode. Fines, coarse, large flakes and gorgeous nuggets. There's no better panning anywhere at any price. You delivered all you promised and these days that's really rare." ~ Tom Jones, Kansas "Your MOTHERLOAD is an impressive offer, I just had to order some more!!! I am new at prospecting, and it was a real thrill to find that big / beautiful stuff! Thanks again for an awesome product and such fast delivery service. You guys are a class act. You will here from me again in the near future." ~ Clay Hemple, Colorado
"Felix last friday I received my Bonanza paydirt and it was great! You do have the best dirt on earth!" ~ George Metzler "I just received my order today and I panned them out. I couldn't believe the amount of gold I got in my pan. When I got through with the Motherlode bag I almost dropped my pan when I saw the nugget in there. You have made a believer out of me. I will be a regular customer from now on." ~ Carl Sauls, North Carolina
"All I can say is WOW!! This is my Second order and I am sure I will be ordering more in the future. I couldn't believe the Gold I got from the first Bag of dirt that I ordered, I got more Gold from one of your Motherlode bags with a lot less work, than I have on occasion in an entire weekend." ~ Dave Dorsett, Arizona "Thanks for being to your word. You do have the best dirt." ~ James Ball, Washington
"I just wanted to drop a note and thank you for being so generous with your gold! I don't know how you stay in business, but thanks for sharing a little bit of Alaska with us all. I'm sending along a photo of my "Haul" after panning out one of your Mother Lode Cases. Best Pay Dirt there is!" ~ Brent Clark, Utah
"The complaint is in the 3rd bag was a nugget so big at 3/8 of an inch round, that it would not fit in the bottle you supplied! You really need to send bigger bottles! Just kidding about the complaint. WOW. Oh ya, I still have 8 bags to go." ~ Jim Sheldon, Michigan "It's nice to know that some people stand behind what they say. I just finished panning out the bag and I must say I was very satisfied. Your paydirt is exactly as you advertise. I even got a nice picker. Thanks again and great job guys." ~ Jeff Crawley, Alabama
"Now normally, if I found this kind of gold at the bottom of my pan, I wouldn't be blabbin' as to precisely where it came from. Just would seem a bit foolish to do so. But I feel that when I find a man who offers his customers a quality product for their money, that man deserves to be complimented and thanked, by endorsing his product. I feel that you, Felix, do offer 'The Best Paydirt on Earth', and feel strongly that your customers will be very pleased and satisfied when they order your welcome dirtbags. I was." Thanks! ~ Steve Wilson, Arizona
"WOW! I really enjoyed the dirt. Talk about gold fever. It truly is some of the most beautiful gold I have ever seen. Can't wait to get my next shipment. Thank you for all the happiness. Below is a picture of the gold I found." ~ Marsha White, Tennessee 
"I just wanted to say thanks. You do have the best dirt around." ~ Curt Hilger, Oregon "Felix this is the best dang dirt for the price on earth." ~ Gary Lucas, Pennsylvania
"We got some concentrates to learn the skills of panning. We like yours the best. More gold and it takes less time to get here." ~ Mike & Judy Veatch, Indiana 
"Keep up the great quality control, best paydirt on the planet." ~ Bill Fellows, Massachusetts
"This is the most exciting thing I have ever got in the mail!" ~ Scott Harkness, Wyoming
"Hi Felix Here are a few pictures of the gold I found in your Bucket Special. Thanks for giving me many hours of enjoyment panning your great dirt. You have set the pace that others must follow. Thanks again for your load of gold." ~ Mike Schoen, Oregon 
"Felix Here's your picture. This is what I panned out from the dirt. I really enjoyed panning it. Best dirt I've ever seen." ~ Roy Mathis, Oregon 
"Hi Felix Here is some nice gold I got from you. Thanks, keep up the good work." ~ Gerald Briner, Washington
"Hello Felix, I just got the "Motherlode" bags in yesterday. It did not take me long to dig into them. The first "pour" produced a very nice nugget. I have never seen anything like what you are sending people. It is great! The three bags I got produced a lot of small nuggets and some fine gold as well. Thanks for the fun. I will have to do this again. Here are a couple of pics of what I found. The pics do not do justice to what I found." ~ Lew Stamper, South Carolina
"Hi Felix, I would like to show you what I got from this latest bag of the Motherload so I've attached a picture of all the gold I've gotten in my three bags I've purchased from you so far. One was the Jackpot bag and the other two were Motherlode bags. I thought your customers might like to see what great dirt you send out. Oh yeah, and I've given away at least 3 of the biggest nuggets I've found so they aren't in the picture, but they were equal or greater to the size of the biggest one you see. So, I am VERY pleased with your dirt. Thanks again." ~ Deborah Goff, Alabama
"Hi Felix. I just panned out the Motherlode that you sent me. WOW! Great gold! As you can tell from my attached photo, I found a beautiful nugget. This is the largest piece of gold I have ever found! I will definitely be ordering more gold soon." ~ Mark Lee, Utah
"Dear Felix, OK, you got me hooked. Got the Motherlode in the mail. That was fast. I bought some panning bags from a vendor back in March. I thought they would be hard to beat for gold content. Boy was I wrong. Your bag, I dumped in the gold pan and I pulled out a better than ½ DWT nugget even before I dunked it in the panning tub. That's good dirt!!!" ~ Tom Handy, Oregon
"I'm still looking for that 6 oz. NUGGET. But your dirt bags are still the best!" ~ Mike Z., Pennsylvania
"Thought I'd drop you a line and let you know that I am very satisfied with the two bags of "The Motherlode" that you sent me last week. Not very many times in the 12 years that I've been prospecting did I get as much gold in only 2 pounds of dirt. I've found some good little (pockets), but there is not a doubt in my mind that your dirt is the best I've ever seen. Once again, thank you! You can expect another order from me very soon." ~ Robert Edgar, South Dakota
"Felix, I've Been prospecting for a few years and try to get out once or twice a month, but the last few times out I wasn't getting a lot of color in my Pan. I've never been one to buy my dirt even when I first started but I was Hungry for the flash in my pan so I said what the heck I will buy some dirt. Now I like to compare products when shopping for anything to get the best Value for my money so I ordered some dirt from some other companies. We won't mention any names lets just say a little bird told me about one. I was happy to see a flash in my pan again (Ignorance is bliss). Now I stayed away from Felix's Motherlode because it was a little more expensive than the rest figuring it was going to be like the rest (boy am I dumb)! Anyway when I got my Motherlode paydirt I was eager to get to panning so I screened the dirt like I always do and started panning yep just like the rest just small little pieces of gold. I was a little disappointed! That's when the Wife calls and has me do something else . It wasn't till about an hour later that I got back to panning so I took the material that didn't make it through the screen and started to pan, knowing darn well I was wasting my time because they never panned out before. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw not one but six pieces of gold that couldn't make it through the screen, Yea! So for the few extra bucks I spent the difference in the Quality and quantity was well worth it to me. So when I need the flash in my pan my new motto is I tried the rest but Felix's dirt is the best! I am now a lifetime customer of Felix's paydirt. Thanks for brightening my day and most of all my Pan." ~ Mark Vorbau, California "PS: I attached 2 pictures one of what I found in someone else's dirt (on Left) and what I found in Felix's dirt(on Right)."
"When I got your dirt I panned it out right away. I was amazed to find "clinkers" in it. It was amazing. You are the man, Felix." ~ Robert Strong, Kansas