Photo Contest Results

 Winner of Felix's Photo Contest is Thomas M. ~ Placerville, CA


My reward is seeing the smile on her face, listening to her brag to anybody who will listen and getting baked cookies for life.

Her loving Son-in-Law,

Adam H.


I love your bags of gold. I have purchased the motherlode and bonanza bags...both are great! I can be pretty busy at times, even though I’m I pan whenever I get a chance, sometimes where ever and when ever, as you can see. Thanks again, I have LODES of fun going through your GENUINE ALASKAN GOLD CONCENTRATES!

Bob M.


Been prospecting for 55 years, this is the best pan ever! Plus the jackpot nugget.

Bruce B.

 Berry C.

I found this 0.51oz beautiful nugget in my Felix Paydirt during "Jackpot 2011" 1-year AFTER returning from prospecting the Golden Triangle in Victoria Region of Australia 2012! There were 4 of us and this nugget represents more weight than found in one month by all combined!! I set my Felix Paydirt aside for a whole year and boy what a surprise!! Thanks Felix for...something I will cherish forever now mounted as a pendant.

Franz O.

"Cheryl, I'm delighted to report that the nice nugget I have been waiting for from Felix just arrived. Now I can fill your tooth."

Dr. Jerry G.

When I opened the bag of Felix Paydirt, I lifted it out the sand and all I could say was 'Yee-ha!!' and do my happy dance. 


Jeff Hale

Guy H.

Feels good after only getting fine gold.

Pat O.

The ladies around here say I still have a sparkle in my eye.

I think it is gold fever and all I see is gold....

Karl R.

~Blairsville, Ga.

I love your pay dirt. I've been a quadriplegic for a long time. I'm not able to get out out and prospect much and that's where you come in. I tried some of your pay dirt a few years ago and found panning it was not only good exercise, it's loaded with good gold too. I've won two beautiful nuggets in the Jackpot round. Staying in shape has never been more fun.

Thanks for the fantastic gold!

Kelly J.

~Redmond, OR

Recently I bought a Jackpot bag and received one of the larger gold nuggets. I have been a customer for years and wondered when I would be so lucky to get such a big nugget! I have gotten good gold in every bag I've purchased.

Thanks Felix!!

Marion M.
Sidney, OH

The reason I like Felix pay dirt bags is because I really have tried many many other pay dirts, nothing can compare to what you have to offer. If you really want to try the very best I truly recommend Felix Pay Dirt Gourmet Gold.

Once you've tried Felix pay dirt you won't want to buy from anyone else, because Felix never disappoints. I will continue buying from Felix for a long long time.

Mark K.


My wife has been getting me Felix Paydirt concentrates for the past several years. Here is a picture of what all I’ve gotten over the years. You’ll never know how many small a nuggets you’ll find. Over the years they add up.

Mark S.

Wow, fantastic. It's like getting a box of chocolates..."never know what you are going to get". I love the surprise and anticipation. Enjoy doing the classification in the comfort of my own home.

Mike C.

I got the surprise of my life when I opened the Jackpot bag! I won the Big Papa! WooHooo! It's gorgeous! Thanks so much! I LOVE Felix Paydirt! You're the BEST!

Patti Y.

It is the best stuff ever, you will not be disappointed! You can never get enough, Felix is the BEST! Photo is of my best panning partner, my grandson.

Penny S. ~Aynor, SC

I just open the bag, hook up my recycling water sluice box and low and behold, I have gold in my pan. I've found quite a few nuggets since I've been ordering. Also flakes, small pieces and plenty of fine gold. I've never been skunked. I always get something. And being older it sure brings joy to my heart. So thanks Felix, "for having the best damn gold concentrates."

Richard F.

We hit the JACKPOT! ! Thanks to Vanessa, Tina & FELIX! !! We got nuggets! Here's some picture's for you guys! From Prospector Bob in No CALI !!! Having a blessed golden day! Thx again! !! Talk to you soon!

Robert S.


I like Felix's gold paydirt because there's nice gold you can pick up with your fingers. It's good to practice your panning skills with and the gold is big enough to pick up with a metal detector. Felix's gold gives me a strong desire to go to Alaska and prospect for some good gold!

Rodney T.

~Thermopolis, WY

My gold stash to go with my moustache!

Steve R.

Great nuggets and lots of fines. Fantastic panning, fun for days. The smiley face in my pan cannot match the one on my face when I get that red bag by my door in just 3 days. Keep that great glittery dirt coming, it's the best dirt on earth.

P.S. The big nugget was a fantastic Jackpot find, 17 grams.

Your friend forever,
Steve C.

Felix back in July I bought some bonanza bags and am I glad I did! Lots of chunky flakes pickers and nuggets- including a nice 4 gram-er. It's been the apple of my eye but I couldn't stop thinking about what I might find in a jackpot bag, so I bought a couple and has the power to change people!

William G.

Love those nuggets in Felix Gold Concentrates. I’m Happy Happy Happy with these nuggets from Felix Gold Concentrates. Look at these smiling faces from Felix Gold Concentrates.

Wesley C.

"When even on a cloudy day Felix's Gourmet Gold can bring a smile to my face"

I have panned gold from North Carolina, but Felix's Paydirt has always come through for me and even his bags when empty bring a smile to my face and friends too.