Undeniably Satisfying

For Professional gold panners only!

The ground around McCarthy and Dan Creek has been well known for rich paystreaks. But there is a peculiar problem here. Heavy black sands and copper are so plentiful that extracting the gold proves to be a real challenge. Think you’re an excellent gold panner? This material tests even the most skilled prospector. In addition, magnetized iron is also present. Think you can handle it? Pan it successfully and this concentrate proves to be undeniably satisfying!

Mechanical devices are not recommended as they will be blinded by the copper. The material must be hand panned multiple times even by experts. A magnet is handy to extract the iron, so with every order I will send you a free 5lb magnet separator pen. I do recommend panning the separated iron as well due to the fact that some gold and copper could contain trace amounts of iron and will be picked up by the magnet. I guarantee you will not find a material like this anywhere else!

Get the McCarthy Motherlode while material lasts.