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The Official Jackpot 2022

Announcing Jackpot 2022

Jackpot 2022 has closed. Stay tuned for 2023!

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 The most highly anticipated gold prospecting event of the year is going to be one for the books! I’ll tell you why. All year, I have painstakingly prepared The Jackpot material to contain the most gorgeous, most desirable, most exciting gold you will ever find! During this one event, I will release a small batch of nugget-rich material to my seasoned fellow prospectors. It is no secret that a prospector could find the nugget of a lifetime in a single Jackpot bag, so if you’re ready to start finding some serious gold, you’re in the right spot! Get ready to find...

Dynamic Duo of nuggets!

These nuggets are simply jaw dropping. Jackpot 2022 will dish out the VERY BEST odds of finding a HUMONGUS GOLD NUGGET. And I’m talking about more than just one or two measly nuggets being found - I’M TALKING, FISTFULS OF GIANT GOLD NUGGETS ARE SITTING IN THESE JACKPOT BAGS!

The eight days of Jackpot is your ticket to the most exciting gold panning adventure of your life!

Begins Monday, October 3rd at 12:01 A.M.
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