The Official Jackpot 2021

Jackpot has closed.
The 3-Ounce Beast Jackpot Nugget
Held just once a year, The Jackpot material is some of THE RICHEST PAYDIRT you will ever pan! BEGINNING MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1st AT 12:01 A.M. I will release a small quantity of Jackpot bags, loaded with chunky gold that could contain...
Prospectors everywhere anticipate The Jackpot all year because this event dishes out the VERY BEST odds of finding a HUMONGUS GOLD NUGGET. And I’m talking about more than just one or two measly nuggets being found - I’M TALKING, FISTFULS OF GIANT GOLD NUGGETS ARE SITTING IN THESE JACKPOT BAGS!When I give away nuggets, I shoot the works…go BIG or go home I always say! Not to mention The Jackpot is guaranteed old time quality paydirt. On top of that, I’m giving away a hand poured 1-Ounce gold bar, a Mine Lab Detector, an awesome 6-piece set of 12” brass classifiers and lodes more prizes!

Jackpot prices
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