Felix's One-Ounce Gold Nugget Giveaway

Back in the day, prospectors were picking up huge nuggets off the ground. Today, One-Ounce nuggets are rarer than 5 carat diamonds. Are you dreaming of a One-Ounce gold nugget? It’s true, there’s nothing more exciting than that loud clunk in your pan when you’ve found a nugget of this size. And trust me, size does matter. During my One-Ounce Gold Nugget Giveaway, you could get your hands on this huge (over 3 inch) hunk of gold! It’s easy, simply get any of my Gourmet Gold concentrates to qualify. Every 2 pounds of paydirt gets you 1 entry to win! For a limited time, get my popular 10-pound cases too. You don’t need to travel back in time to find a big nugget, it’s easy pickins’ during my One-Ounce Gold Nugget Giveaway! 

Qualify by Friday, March 25th!