Early Bird Jackpot 2022

Qualify for Early Bird Jackpot by September 26th, 2022!
Qualify for Early Bird Jackpot 2022

Every clever gold hunter knows that…the early bird gets the gold!A limited number of prospectors will get their hands on the FIRST RUN of rich Jackpot material ahead of everyone else. And one of these exclusive Early Bird Jackpot bags will contain this EXCLUSIVE ONE-OUNCE GOLD NUGGET! But, there’s one more thing you should know. One top of lodes of huge nuggets, Felix is giving away 2 GRAND PRIZE NUGGETS - A 65-GRAM CLUNKER & 46-GRAM MONSTER! He's dubbed these nuggets the "Dynamic Duo"! Early Bird’s get first chance to win these gigantic nuggets! Qualify to be an Early Bird by October 26th! 

Dynamic Duo of nuggets!
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Jackpot 2022
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