Early Bird Jackpot 2019

Early Bird has closed.

Stay tuned for Jackpot 2019 beginning November 1st!

Felix Paydirt's Jackpot The Official 2019 Jackpot begins November 1st, and Felix will be tossing in fistfuls of Quarter-Ounce, Half-Ounce, & One-Ounce gold nuggets in many Jackpot bags! But something big is coming…THE 3-OUNCE BEHEMOTH NUGGET! This nugget will be given away at the end of Jackpot. But every savvy gold hunter knows that…THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE GOLD! Your Early Bird Jackpot bag could contain this One-Ounce Gold Nugget plus you’ll get 2X the entries to win The Behemoth Nugget. On top of possibly discovering a gigantic gold nugget, The Jackpot material is chock full of gorgeous chunky gold. Early Birds get the FIRST RUN of this cream of the crop gold concentrate before everyone else. Qualify to be an Early Bird now!