Early Bird Jackpot 2018

  • Qualifying begins Monday, October 1st - 22nd!
  • Early Bird Access allows you to pre-order your Jackpot bag before everyone else and possibly score this 2-Ounce Monster Nugget!
  • Early Bird Jackpot 2018 day is October 22nd, 2018 (this is the date you can pre-order your Jackpot bag)

The Official 2018 Jackpot begins November 1st and Felix will be tossing in fistfuls of One-Ounce, Half-Ounce or Quarter-Ounce Gold Nuggets in many Jackpot bags! But any savvy gold hunter knows that…THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE GOLD!  Early Bird day is Monday, October 22nd. Qualifying begins October 1st.

To qualify to participate in Early Bird Jackpot, get any either The Motherlode or The Bonanza Claim before October 22nd. Once you order, Felix will give you the "exclusive web address" or "secret code" to pre-order your Jackpot bag online or over the phone.

On top of possibly discovering a gigantic gold nugget, The Jackpot material in itself is loaded with gorgeous chunky gold. This isn’t your run of the mill Paydirt, Felix digs high and low for this CREAM OF THE CROP GOLD CONCENTRATE and only releases a small amount every year. If you’re a serious gold prospector, and genuinely crave a monster gold nugget, then The Jackpot is your ticket to a giant hunk of gold!


Qualify for Early Bird Jackpot - Choose Your Gold Claim