Gold Lost on a Train in Switzerland


Have you ever misplaced your gold?

How about $200,000 worth of it?

In October of 2019 a train was travelling from the town of St. Gallen to Lucerne in Switzerland. After the passengers departed, a train worker discovered the gold bullion in an unidentified parcel. 

The authorities have tried to track down the owner of the gold but so far have been unable to locate them.

The gold weighed about 7.6 pounds and is valued at 182,000 Swiss Francs which is a little over $191,000 US.

In the eight months since the incident has occurred, no one has stepped forward to claim the gold. The authorites are legally bound to give the rightful owner 5 years to make his/her claim. 

Do you know anyone who lost gold on a train in Switzerland?

Me either.

But if you do, you could direct them to the prosecutor's office in Switzerland, they are waiting for his call.